​Preserving the Biodiversity of Southwest China

About Us

Started by a group of enthusiastic professional conservationists, scientists, and photographers, Cloud Mountain Conservation is committed to preserve endangered flagship species and the biodiversity of Southwest China through scientific researches, public outreach, systematic and professional surveys.

Our current emphasis is on:
• Conserving endangered flagship species such as the Skywalker hoolock gibbon and the ecosystems they represent;
• Filling the baseline information on biodiversity in Southwest China;
• With scientific guidance, using a variety of outreach and volunteer activities to engage locals and the general public in wildlife conservation.

Our main conservation actions:
• Carry out routine monitoring of gibbon populations and their habitats;  
• Organize varies outreach and education events for both local communities and the general public, to promote conservation awareness and raise resources;

• Promote anti-poaching campaigns and strengthen law enforcement;
• Discover alternative livelihood for local communities to reduce their reliance on forest resources.

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